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Elhunyt Gáspár András (1965-2020), a hazai science fiction és fantasy irodalom kiemelkedő alakja, a M.A.G.U.S világának egyik atyja, az egykori legendás Valhalla Páholy kiadó társalapítója, a Kiálts farkast, A halál havában, Az észak lángjai, az Ezüst félhold blues és magannyi más fantasztikus regény írója és fordítója. Az alábbiakban az SFmag szerkesztőség Andrásra emlékezik. Kánai András  [ More ]

Excerpt from the Hungarian SF classic, Silver Crescent Blues by András Gáspár.

Apart from being fresh and inventive as a writer, I was one lucky sonofabitch of a former Soviet subject too. I had my freedom, I did not have to kill anyone for it, and both of my early novels profited greatly from the jubliant mood of a populace that witnessed the crumbling of the Berlin Wall and saw our homeland regain her independence within a 10 month period. Pretty much anything seemed plausible in those days, and Silver Crescent Blues was published just in time to ride the winds of change.

Although a complete analysis of the Hungarian sci-fi and fantasy genres would require extensive groundwork and would fill several books, I try to give a quick overview of what happened after 1989 in the field of speculative fiction for the benefit of non-Hungarian readers.

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