The Surge is a science-fiction Action-RPG released last month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, created by German development studio Deck 13 Interactive who previously worked on games such as Ankh, Jack Keane, Blood Knights, Venetica, TransOcean and more recently, the acclaimed fantasy Action-RPG Lords of the Fallen. Now The Surge features a protagonist with  [ More ]

Interview with Jeff VanderMeer

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Our interview with Jeff VanderMeer, the writer of Annihilation, the first book of Southern Reach-trilogy in February 2014.

The english language version of our interview with Alastair Reynolds. / Az Alastair Reynolds interjú angol nyelvű változata

Interview with Vernor Vinge

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Vernor Vinge, author of A Fire Upon the Deep, published his first short story in 1966, and his first novel, Grimm’s World, in 1969. Even he has a forty-year-long writing career, he wrote only eight novels and circa two dozen short stories and novellas, and many of them won various awards. He was a professor  [ More ]

Interview with Ernest Cline

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Interview with Ernest Cline, the author of Ready Player One.

Interview with Lavie Tidhar

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Lavie Tidhar is an Israeli born writer who travelled extensively over the globe and lived in places like Laos and Vanutau. He writes poetry and published many short stories in magazines such as Strange Horizons, Clarkesworld Magazine, Postscripts, Interzone and others. He also published a novella, “An Occupation of Angels”, a collection of short stories, “HebrewPunk”, a short novel in collaboration with Nir Yaniv, “The Tel Aviv Dossier”, and he also edited a non-fiction book and two anthologies. Lavie Tidhar’s first novel, “The Bookman”, was released by Angry Robot Books in January this year.

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